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Mitton Foods

Reliable, efficient exporters of frozen meat and poultry

With a commitment to integrity, honesty and innovation, Mitton Foods places strong emphasis on relationships with its suppliers and clients.

Why choose Mitton Foods?

Leading global traders of frozen and fresh meat

As one of Britain’s leading meat exporters, Mitton Foods specialises in purchasing and delivering quality products on a global scale. Sourcing from all over the country, the company acquires its produce from suppliers using a fair and efficient approach.

Whether you are a supplier of pork, beef, veal or poultry, you are guaranteed to feel satisfied with the value we place on your products. All meat exports end up on the shelves of restaurants and supermarkets all over the world, from frozen produce to fresh luxury cut meat.

With five generations of experience within the industry, Mitton Foods is internationally recognised for its quality control and safety standards. Traders within the company pride themselves on maintaining excellent relationships with all suppliers.

Mitton Foods focuses on delivering a high-quality service at competitive prices.

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